Good Governance & Social Mobilisation

Good governance improves social service delivery which ultimately reduces poverty. TooroNet recognizes that its success is influenced by how it adapts to the socio-cultural, political, and economic environment and the extent to which we influence local leaders and community members.

Research, Documentation, and Knowledge Brokering

KANCA is a network with over 60 MOs and KANCA’s competitive advantage in promoting knowledge brokering agenda is the ability to develop and maintain networks that promote learning.

Partnerships, Networking & Collaboration

The strategic objective of networking and linkages at KANCA in the next 5 years is to achieve mutually beneficial technical cooperation with goal-oriented unity of action in the areas of education, health, environment and natural resource conservation.

Skilling & Capacity Building

Intended to improve Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Governance and Leadership, and employment for the unemployed.