The strategic objective of networking and linkages at TooroNet in the next 5 years is to achieve mutually beneficial technical cooperation with goal-oriented unity of action in the areas of education, health, environment, and natural resource conservation, climate change, water, sanitation, food security, and livelihoods. This will be achieved through:

  • Information exchange
  • Collaboration and effective coordination of work between TooroNet, its partners, and members.
  • Foster district public, private partnerships, and collaboration in areas of gender-based, education, health, water, environment, sanitation and hygiene, Climate change, and agricultural livelihoods.
  • Improve CSO efficiency and effectiveness in resource use through sharing/joint action agenda.
  • Holding CSO fair events to showcase CSO work and avenues for learning best practices
  • Strengthen formation and operationalization of thematic based groups.
  • Development of a Website and maintenance.